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Free Personal Injury, Workers Comp or Criminal Defense Consultation

Everyday routines can turn into tragic events in the blink of an eye. A negligent employer could knowingly allow working conditions to deteriorate until their employees are seriously ill. Police sometimes charge the innocent with serious crimes. An illegal maneuver from a vehicle could immobilize a loved one for life. Something as simple as taking a walk down a property owner’s ancient staircase could result in a permanent injury. If an unexpected injury or event disrupts your life, then you may have legal options to protect your freedom and your future.

When life gets tough, it is important to have the personal attention of a Turnersville law firm with a proven record of success. The Law Offices of Dennis E. Block, Esq, P.C. defends clients when they feel the most exposed and vulnerable. Our experienced attorneys represent clients across a wide range of practice areas. We can assist you in filing a personal injury claim after an accident. If the accident occurred in your workplace, then we can explain the workers comp process and also investigate for alternative compensation options. Additionally, we offer qualified, aggressive criminal defense services if you are charged with a crime in Turnersville.

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When Do I Need a Turnersville Lawyer?

Being thrown into the legal world can easily feel overwhelming. Sometimes it is difficult to know when to even ask for legal help. However, at the Law Offices of Dennis E. Block, Esq, P.C., we can help you with:

  • Criminal defense.
    It is important to have an experienced legal team on your side in any criminal case. Even if you are innocent of the charges you face, you should have the counsel of an attorney. Many times, we can help defendants have their charges reduced or penalties lowered, even if a guilty verdict is unavoidable.
  • Personal injury.
    Most personal injury cases are complicated. They require thorough investigation and extensive litigation. However, the lawyers at our Turnersville law firm work to track down witnesses and all liable parties. We also look over evidence and comb through every detail of your accident and injury so that you receive fair compensation.
  • Workers compensation.
    When you are hurt on the job, your employer usually has the obligation to provide you with compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, insurers do not always offer satisfactory settlements. Our team can look into your case to determine if a third party is responsible for your injury.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Attorney?

At the Law Offices of Dennis E. Block, Esq, P.C., we offer free initial consultations for every case. Whether you need a lawyer for personal injury, workers compensation and/or criminal defense, it will cost you nothing to meet with an attorney. This means that we will answer your questions and give you legal advice, free of charge.

If you do decide to hire an attorney from our Turnersville law firm, then we will discuss fee arrangements. For criminal defense services, we can discuss a retainer agreement, depending on the type and severity of charges you face. However, for personal injury and workers compensation cases, we always work on a contingency fee basis.

This arrangement allows our attorneys to advance the expenses of the case, so that you owe us no attorney fees before the conclusion of your case. After the finalization of a verdict or settlement, then you reimburse our law firm’s expenses and pay a percentage of the compensation you recover as attorney fees. Plus, if for any reason your case does not end in your favor, then you do not owe us any fees at all. This means you can afford reliable representation, regardless of your financial circumstances. According to the New Jersey Rules of Court, standard contingency fees are:

  • One third of the first $750,000 recovered.
  • 30 percent of the next $750,000 recovered.
  • 25 percent of the next $750,000 recovered.
  • 20 percent of any further recovery.

For cases involving minors and children, these fees may be even lower. Additionally, in some circumstances, the court may rule that the defendant must pay all attorney fees in addition to the compensation owed to the plaintiff.

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You may have some questions about what to do after an accident, or you may be facing a complex personal injury claim. Perhaps you were hurt at work or have fallen ill due to a toxic workplace environment. Otherwise, maybe you have been charged with a crime and need immediate counsel. In any of these circumstances, our Turnersville law firm can help.

Whatever the reason, contact the Law Offices of Dennis E. Block, Esq, P.C. for a free consultation. Call us at (856) 232-6300 today or fill out an online form.