What Do I Do If the Drugs Found in My Vehicle Aren’t Mine?

Police Officer Arresting Young Man

If you are pulled over by the police and they find drugs in your vehicle, you could be found guilty for drug possession, even if the drugs aren’t yours. In moments like this, it’s best to inform the officers that you need a lawyer and then remain silent. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to give you a helping hand and maybe get your charges dropped depending on the charges.

When drugs are found in your vehicle and it’s found that you were the only person with access to the vehicle, the police will consider you their number one suspect. You will have to present evidence that proves the drugs aren’t yours. However, you don’t want to start spouting off in front of the police. Even innocent people have been arrested for saying the wrong thing to the police. Instead, do not resist arrest, be respectful, and do not discuss the drugs or potential charges. Keep in mind that you will be charged with possession if the police don’t have another suspect.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be acquitted or have your case dismissed. With the assistance of attorney Dennis E. Block, we can look over the evidence and build a strong case in your favor. Reasons why you could have charges dropped include:

  • You were not the only one who had access to the drugs;
  • You were not aware that the drugs were present;
  • The drugs were prescribed to you by a doctor and were not illegal;
  • The police did not have the right to search your property;


Don’t leave your future up to chance. If you have been arrested for drug possession, whether you’re innocent or not, call attorney Dennis E. Block. Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys will work to protect your rights in court and attempt to get you acquitted or have charges dropped. Call us today!