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What do you do when you are injured by someone else’s negligence? Our personal injury attorneys have the know how to help answer your questions.

Did a Camden School Do Nothing to Protect Two Bullied Students?

In 2002, New Jersey instituted anti-bullying laws to protect children while they were at school. In 2011, those laws were expanded, further proving our state’s dedication to student safety. When a local school violates these rules, the fallout can be very serious. Now a Camden School is being accused of this type of negligence by … Read More

Am I Responsible if My Dog Bites Someone at My Home?

Should a dog bite someone, that person can file a claim seeking compensation for damages caused by the bite. Most states have strict liability laws regarding dog bites which make the owner automatically responsible for dog-bite injuries. These strict liability statutes do not require the injured party to prove the owner was negligent or knew … Read More

How is Negligence Proven in a Personal Injury Claim?

When you’ve been in a car or slip and fall accidents, you can file a personal injury claim to earn compensation for the damages. However, in most of these cases, the injured party may be required to prove that the responsible party acted in a negligent manner. There are 4 elements of the claim that … Read More