Who Will Be Held Responsible for the Fatal Paramus School Bus Crash?

On Thursday, May 17th, fifth graders from East Brook Middle School were slated to go on an educational field trip. These plans were instantly dashed when one of the three buses transporting these children was caught in a deadly crash. Now safety officials, parents and an entire community are wondering who is responsible for this nightmare.

Who Is Responsible for the Fatal Paramus School Bus Crash?

When fifth graders showed up for school that Thursday morning, they started loading buses to head to Waterloo Village. This was the second year a field trip like this had been organized by the school, but this year it wouldn’t go as planned. That’s because one of the buses would be involved in a catastrophic crash that claimed the lives of a student and a teacher.

Reports claim that the driver of the bus missed an exit on Route 80. To save time, that bus driver allegedly tried to execute an illegal U-turn on the median. It was during this maneuver that a Kenworth dump truck slammed into the bus from behind.

The cabin where students, chaperones and the bus driver were seated was sheared off the bus frame. Witnesses immediately stopped and attempted to render aid as authorities scrambled. In total, 43 injured people were rushed to emergency rooms all over the area.

As the aftermath settles, and the victims and their families try to cope with this tragedy, many are asking who is responsible. Under the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, the school district that owned the school bus could be who is held liable for this crash. The alleged illegal U-turn may also make it hard for the district to dodge responsibility. There is also a chance that the company that owns the dump truck that collided with the bus could hold some responsibility. For now, investigators continue to comb through the evidence, so keep following our blog to check for any updates on the developing situation.

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