Will My Retirement Benefits be Affected if I File for Worker’s Compensation?

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In some cases, an employee injured at work may be unwilling to file for worker’s compensation due to their fear that certain benefits, such as retirement benefits, could be affected by their actions. However, it would do the injured employee a great disservice to avoid filing for worker’s compensation. Many of these fears are unfounded and are derived from misconceptions or myths surrounding worker’s compensation laws.


If you haven’t filed for retirement just yet, the retirement benefits that you could receive will not be affected by worker’s compensation. In addition, an employer cannot retaliate against you by reducing your pay, demote you, or change your retirement benefits if you filed a worker’s compensation claim. Should you suspect an employer is retaliating against you by changing your benefits, or even docking your pay or demoting you from your original work position, it is imperative that you report these actions and get in contact with an attorney familiar with the employment laws of New Jersey. If an employer is found guilty of retaliating against an employee, they could face serious penalties.

Should I File for Worker’s Compensation?

Don’t give into your fear or misconceptions regarding worker’s compensation. Your anticipated retirement benefits should not be affected if you file a worker’s compensation claim. Your employer is responsible for providing a safe work environment for their employees. Should an employer neglect to provide a safe environment, the employer could be liable for any injuries sustained due to their negligence. If the injured employee files a claim, his or her medical costs could be compensated.

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