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Everyday routines can turn into tragic events in the blink of an eye. A negligent employer could knowingly allow working conditions to deteriorate until their employees are seriously ill. Police sometimes charge the innocent with serious crimes. An illegal maneuver from a vehicle could immobilize a loved one for life. Something as simple as taking a walk down a property owner’s ancient staircase could result in a permanent injury. If an unexpected injury or event disrupts your life, then you may have legal options to protect your freedom and your future.

When Do I Need a Turnersville Lawyer?

Being thrown into the legal world can easily feel overwhelming. Sometimes it is difficult to know when to even ask for legal help. However, at the Law Offices of Dennis E. Block, Esq, P.C., we can help you with:

Personal injury

Most personal injury cases are complicated. They require thorough investigation and extensive litigation. However, the lawyers at our Turnersville law firm work to track down witnesses and all liable parties. We also look over evidence and comb through every detail of your accident and injury so that you receive fair compensation.

Workers compensation

When you are hurt on the job, your employer usually has the obligation to provide you with compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, insurers do not always offer satisfactory settlements. Our team can look into your case to determine if a third party is responsible for your injury.

Criminal defense

It is important to have an experienced legal team on your side in any criminal case. Even if you are innocent of the charges you face, you should have the counsel of an attorney. Many times, we can help defendants have their charges reduced or penalties lowered, even if a guilty verdict is unavoidable.



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